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By: Brian Haberman and Mike Silvestri
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Pitchers - All pitchers must pitch overhand at whatever speed they want. The pitchers must pitch from the designated pitching area (the pitching mound).
Balls - This stickball league plays with tennis ball. All tennis balls must be approved by the captions of both teams prior to the beginning of the game.
Number of players - When four players play, there will be two teams consisting of two players on each teams there will be two outs per inning. When five players play there will be two teams consisting of two players each team with an automatic pitcher or outfielder who is chosen by the commissioner or the asisent commissioner. When six or more people play there will be two teams of three people; each inning will have three outs.
Single - Any ball hit on the ground past the pitcher fielded by an outfielder. Any fly ball that takes a bounce before it is in the outfielder's hands. If a player is hit with a pitch they are awarded a free trip to first. Four balls that are out of the strike zone and are not hit is a ball and four balls is equal to a single.
Double - Any fly ball that hits the outfielder (anywhere on his body) and he drops it. Any ball on a fly that goes over the head of the outfielder and hits the ground without hitting the back fence. If the ball hits the pitcher and hits the ground that it is a double. When the ball goes into the gap on the right side of the fence it is ruled a ground rule double
Triple - Any ball that hits the back wall on the fly (any spot on the wall), if the ball is fielded by the fielder directly off the wall it is not an out.
Homerun - Any ball that goes over the back fence. If the ball hits the top of the fence and goes over it is a homerun. If a player goes around the fence and catches the ball it is considered a homerun. The person who hits a homerun is responsible for the ball and must go and get it.
Foul Balls - Any ball that is hit on or to the right of the sidewalk is considered foul. Any ball that bounces in front if the pitcher's mound (assuming that he has not touched it) is a foul ball. Any player that hits a foul ball has to find it and bring it back to the game.
Double Play - A double play can be achieved when there is a base runner on first and batter grounds out or fly's out to the pitcher. The pitcher than has to throw the ball against the strike zone (the blue box on the wall) if the pitcher elects not to throw the ball at the strike zone or misses the strike zone it is considered that the runner is safe at first.
An out - An out is achieved when any field player catches a fly ball. An out may also be achieved when a player scoops a ball hit on the ground before the ball stops rolling. If a fly ball hits a fielder, and before hitting the ground the ball may be caught by him or one of his fielders for an out. If a fielder charges a fly ball and the ball drops in front of him and is caught on a bounce it is not an out. If a fielder catchs a foul fly ball before it touches the ground that it is an out. Three stirikes is a stike out.
Strike or ball - There is a blue box on the wall that is used as a strike zone. When the ball hits the box it is a strike and when it misses it is a ball. Due to the fact that there is no umpire, a player from the batters team is placed at the opposite side of the batter and his job is to determine weather a pitch is a ball or a strike after it hits the wall in the event of a contravesaty.
Base runners - Due to the fact that we do not have many people playing, we play with an automatic base runner system. After you hit the ball you sit down. There is no running.
Interference - There is a toy in the middle of the field and when the ball hits it a retake is done. If for some reason the ball it's a person who is not playing in the game than there is a retake taken.
Stopping the game - The game is stopped only on certain occasions, when a person or animal who is not playing in the game walks on the field the pitcher is notified and he stops. The game also stops if a player is injured seriously.
Equipment - The equipment for stickball is easy. A stickball bat, three through fifteen tennis balls, and NO glove. There will be no exception to the glove rule. All players are able to catch a tennis ball with out a glove.
Wild Pitch - The only way a pitcher can throw a wild pitch is when they throw their pitch into the diffrently colored bricks, or to throw the ball to the left or right of the brick. (Ex: Hitting the fence or the school)
Danny Rule - Any time that a player hits the ball off a swing and the ball hits the batters box, it is considered foul. A batter may only use a max. of 2 "Danny Rules" in one at bat
Billy Rule - The batter is not allowed to stand in front of the strike zone or lean over home plate.
David Rule - If the ball lis hit (eighter on a fly or a ground ball) and hits fair and than goes foul, it is a single
There might be rules that are questions of the weeks, that are not listed under the Rules and Regulations of the ASL. To view these take a look at the Questions of the Week

Any questions or coments can be sent to
Commissioner - Joe "Horse Toothed Jackass" Fenton
Assistant Commissioner - Brian "Big Game Habe" Haberman
Head of Public Relations - David Gottfried

The Roster of the ASL
Brian Haberman - Pitcher/Outfield
Mike Silvestri - Outfield/Pitcher
Joe Fenton - Outfield/Pitcher
Phil Vysotski - Outfieled
Billy Weitzel - Pitcher/Outfield
Mark Kalfman - Outfield
Justin Jacobson - Outfield
Rich Fenton - Outfield
Kevin Horath - Outfield/Pitcher
Chris Kennedy - Outfield/Pitcher
Chris Eng - Outfield
Tom Walker - Outfield/Pitcher
David Gottfried - Outfield
Tom Horath - Outfield/Pitcher
Jared Wein - Pitcher
Brad Liberman - Outfield
* Gabe - ????
A person with a * is a player that wants to be a member and is involed in the question of the week

Question of the Week for Week 1 : Should Tom "Jerkey" Walker get removed from ASL because of his conduct off the field. If you do not know what happended Tom has been dialing up phone sex numbers and a member of ASL has been getting his bills. Also durring the summer Tom struck a member of the league with a 2x4 injuring his ankle and keeping him sidelined for 2 weeks. On the field Tom has many times started fights with members of the league.

Question of the Week for Week 2 : Should the Commissioner: Mike Silvestri br brought up on charges of abuse of power? On the first game if the ASL, Mike chose to make teams hence breaking the first rule of the ASL - "Before a game can begin a coin toss must take place at the pitchers mound." The breaking of this rule is not a matter that should be taken lightly. The response for this should be impeachment.
Question of the Week for Week 3 : On March 2nd 1999 Andrew Silvestri asked to be reinstated into the ASL. After a heated discussion between the Comish and the Ass. Comish there was no compromise. So as the rules state, if the Comish and the Ass Comish can not come to a agreement on a perposed idea or bill than it goes to a vote of the members. After 4 games into the ASL season, Andrew Silvestri quit the league. He did this in a very un professional way, in the middle of a tight game he walked off the field. Let me explain, after his team finished batting, his whole team made there way onto the field. The pitcher stoping at the pitchers mound and the outfielder stoped back fence, while Andrew decided that it would be a good idea to play his position at the back of the track. When we turned around and saw this we stoped the game. The game never restarted and it ended there. If we allow him back into the league than we are taking a risk that at anytime durring the game he could walk off the field, hence ending the game so Mike can retrive his litte brother. Also when he is batting (if that is what you want to call it) he just stands there and once in a while he swings the bat. The outfielders have so much confidence that he will not make contact stand at the pitchers mound and stand there. Sometimes Mike (his own brother) will stand next to the outfielder. So I (Brian Haberman) feel that it is in the best intrest of the ASL that we do not allow Andrew into the league. Also Andrews friend "Mickey" wants to be a member of the ASL. Both of these players should remain on the guest policy untill a time where they can be put somewhere else. This is where you the members get to play a big part in the league (not that you dont already). Both Andrew and his friend are in 6th Grade. Your responce will count as your vote. You can only vote once but you can respond as many times as u want. The way you respond the first time will be the way that you vote. The responces of the Comish and the ass. Comish do not count as a vote.
Question of the Week for Week 4 : Should the ASL let in two new members: Justin Jacobson and Igor Stepanov.
Question of the Week for Week 5 : On Saturday March 13, 1999 an ASL game was scheduled to be played. The game was suposto begin at 2:30. At 2:30 there were 3 out of the 4 members who were suposto show up (Brian, Mike and Joe.)The forth member (Phil) did not show up until 3:30. When he arived he had few excueses for his tardyness. The ASL Comish has issued to Phil a disciplinary action, saying : As of March 17th you are suspened untill March 20th, at your first game back you shall have a public apology to all the members present at the game, and third you shall send out a Internet apology to all the members of the ASL (including the ones who were prresent at the game). Make it be known to Phil that tardyness will not be taked lightly, and that the next time this happens, harsher actions will be taked.The question of the Week is - Is this the right action taked against Phil for his tardyness, and what do u think should happend to him.
Question of the Week for Week 6 : Brian Haberman and Mike Silvestri - On Friday March 19th the eight game of the ASL was played. One of the players playing in the game was Igor (his first game). Durring and after the game, most of the memebers present at the game mentioned that Igor was quite annoying.
The perposals
Mike Silvestri - I beleive that with a majority vote of the ASL members, Igor should be thrown out of the ASL due to his conduct durring the eigth game.
Brian Haberman - I accept the fact that Igor was annoying at the game but do you think that the propper thing to do is to throw his ass out of the league. If you are going to throw Igor out the ASL because he annoyed some of you, than you can try to throw out almost all of the members, at one time or another one of us has annoyed another member. But if you really want to punish Igor for being annoying than I feel that throwing him out is to harsh, so I feel that we sould give him a second chance. The next game that Igor plays he shall remain quite throught out the game, unless he is spoken to, has a injury, or a question (but anything stupid, like calling a strike against his team when it was a ball, or something like that.) If he breaks any or all of these conditions than you should throw his ass out, but untill than give him a second chance.
Question of the Week for Week 7 : Ever since the ASL was created my Mike and I, all of the power to make or change rules and laws, to allow someone into the ASL or to throw them out has been desided by Mike and I. The only time that all of the members would have there voice heard was when the comish and the ass. comish could not deside. I feel that this is not fare, i feel that the ASL should be a democracy and not a dictator ship between the comish and the ass. comish. The Comish does not feel this way and has said no to this idea. I hope that all the members will agree with me that all the memebrs should have the right to make or change rules and laws, to allow someone into the ASL or to throw them out. So send me an email that says that you want all the memebrs to make decisions.
Question of the Week for Week 8 : Since Tom, Billy and Mark have played so few games, should they be thrown out of the league. And yes i know that Billy has golf (but so does joe and he makes it to alot of games) and i know that Mark has lacrosse (by the way mark hasent played since game 3 (thats 15 games)). And I think that we all know that Tom had not played in any games. I am not saying that they should never be allowed into the league ever again, but untilll there sports end i feel that it would be better for the league if we removed them and when they can play more regularly allow them back.
Question of the Week for Week 9 : Should the ASL allow in 2 new members - Chris Kennedy and Chris Eng
Question of the Week for Week 10 : Over the last couple of days some of the members have been complaining about some of the rules, I am going to put out some of the rules and see what you think about changing them. All of these all diffrent issues, and when you send your responce you can respond to one or all. 1. - The rule now states that if you get a ground ball before it stops than it is an out, reguardless of weather you back up or charge it. It has been perposed that a rule be made that makes the fielder eighter remain still or charge the ball. If the fielder backs up a single is given to the batter. 2. - We should get rid of the Mike Rule and allow any homerun that goes over the back fence in fair territory to be a Homerun 3. - In the event that there are more than six players playing in a game, a member of the team(s) that has more than 3 players has to rotate in a player every 2 innings. The pitcher, if rotated has to go to the outfield before being out. The player out will be a DH until he is put back into the game 4. - If there is 3 vs. 3 or 4 vs. 4 the players at the field by a majority vote will deside how many outs to play with (eighter 2 or 3)
Question of the Week for Week 11 : In light of the actions Danny took durring game 27, should he be thrown out of the league or not?
Question of the Week for Week 12 : On Monday March 19th 1999 the ASL attempted to play its 29th game. At the end of the eight inning, Joe Fenton noticed that ominous clouds were overhead. After he paniced he decided to play the rest of the game. After nine full innings the score was tied at 4. As soon as the game was over, Joe and Jack ran to the car. While me, Rich and Chris stayed behind. When we told them that if they leave than they would forfeit, they went to the car. 3 out of the 5 (60 %) people at the game were willing to comtinue the game. While the 9th inning was being played it started to rain lightly, and when i got home it stopped. So I am asking the members of the ASL to make a rule making it clear from now on, on what to do when there is a tie. A) A Tie - The game stays 4 - 4 and all RBI's HR's and other stats are locked. B) Forfeit - Joe's team gets the loss. And joe gets the loss as the pitcher and all records are locked. C) Continue - The 5 members who played in the game (Brian, Rich, Joe, Chris and Jack) would agree on a time to restart play. All of the members who played in the game must agree on it, or agree on the time of they choose not to play. Untill a time is chosen the game will be left open and all records that were made durring that game will be put up on the web site, but if the game is continued the records will be added to
Question of the Week for Week 13 : Many of the members in the ASL have brought to my attention that the present Comish - Mike Silvestri, has not done proper things. He has not played in the last 5 games (he has played 0 games since the incident) and has not answered any of the last 3 questions of the week (10-12). I personaly feel that the comish should play in more games, and if he is not going to play dont give poor excuses. Since some of the members have been talking about getting a new comish but keeping mike on as a member. So i perpose this, with a majority vote of the members of the ASL that respond to the question, that Mike Silvestri be thrown out of office but remain on as a member, or maybe a consultant to the new Comish. But since there is now person who has steped to take over the role as Comish - I perpose 2 members (Tom Horath and Rich Fenton) and of those two members, the people who respond in favor of a new Comish will pick one of them to be the new comish.
Question of the Week for Week 14 : In light of what happened in game 34, with jack, Mike and Brian feel that jacks actions were similar to those of ex ASL members Igor. At the field he did not shut up. Also Jack did not keep to his word on an agreement that he made with the ASL ass Comish. He also has had problem with 2 of the members of the ASL, and started a brawl with one of them. He has had problems with a player on the guest policy. The Comish and Ass Comish feel that his removal is necessary and propper.
Question of the Week for Week 15 : Should the ASL allow in a new member - David Gottfried
Question of the Week for Week 16 : In light of Tom Horath resigning as commish, who do you want at commish of the asl, Mike Silvestri or Richard Fenton? (On a side note I want to retain my title of Head of the Grounds Crew and Public Relations) - "Public Relations and grounds crewing is my real love and not being a commish."
Question of the Week for Week 17 : As one of the members of the ASL i have noticed a growing problem. I feel the Ass. Commish, Brian Haberman is abusing his powers. Previously Mr. Haberman has deleted any records of Jack Gerskovitz being in this league. IF i recall correctly when the members of the league had a vote to keep him in or throw him out.. the majority of the votes was to keep Jack in the league. I feel we should either appoint a new Ass. Commish or simply throw Brian Haberman out fo the league since he always likes to throw people out."
Question of the Week for Week 18 : Who should be the Commissioner of the ASL- Tom Horath or Mike Silvestri? ( ONLY VOTE FOR TOM HORATH OR MIKE SILVESTRI!!! )
Question of the Week for Week 19 : Should the ASL allow in a former member - Igor
Question of the Week for Week 20 : 4 rules perposed
Rule 1 - If the ball goes in the opening on the right side of the fence on a fly than it is a double.
Rule 2 - "David Rule" - If the ball is hit (eighter on a fly or a ground ball) and it hits fair and than goes foul it is a single.
Rule 3 - If one team has an uneven amount of players in the outfield than they have to take one out and rotate him in every inning.
Rule 4 - If a player throws the bat they would get a strike counted against them. If on the swing that they let go of the bat they got out the strike would count on there next atbat.
Rule 5 - If a player bats out of order they would get a strike against them when they come up to bat in there proper spot
Rule 6 - A limit on the number of "Danny Rules" you can call in an at bat to 2. If the batter has called the second "Danny Rule" the next ball that would normally be a "Danny Rule" would be in play, unless it goes foul.
Question of the Week for Week 21 : In the event that you are removed from commish, instead of having a vote to see who is commish, i feel that it should go down the front office ladder. so in that case brian would be offered the job. if he says no, then the head of public relations is offered the job. now in the event neither the ass comish or head of public relations doesn't want the job, then it will go to a vote?.
Question of the Week for Week 22 : Should the ASL allow in former member Jack?
Question of the Week for Week 23 : Should the ASL remove Mike and Tom from office?, because of their lack of participation in our games and activities. If so, I Propose that Joe take over Tom's position and that I replace Mike as head of public relations. A vote for YES is saying that you want mike and tom out and the you want Joe and I in.
Question of the Week for Week 24 : Should the ASL allow in 2 new members, Jared Wein and Brad Liberman (you can vote yes or no for either person)
Question of the Week for Week 25 : Shold the ASL allow in Gabe

Please E-mail Brian Haberman with your responces which will be put up as soon as possible


1. Mike Silvestri - 1
2. Everyone else - 0

1. Mike Silvestri - 15
2. David Gottfried - 10
3. * Brad Liberman - 3
4. Rich Fenton - 2
5. Brian Haberman - 1

ASL All Time Records

Most Homeruns In a Game - Joe Fenton - 7 (game 21)
Most Homeruns in a Season - Joe Fenton - 51
Most balls hit over the foul wall in one game - Brian Haberman - 5 (game 5)
Most Wins in a season by a pitcher - Brian Haberman - 18
Most total runs in a game - 40 (game 6 and game 41)
Most runs by a team - Rich Fenton, Brian Haberman, and Jack Gershkovitz - 29 (game 41)
Longest Game - 2 Hours 20 Min (game 39)
Most Homeruns by one person in an inning - 4 - Joe Fenton (game 17)
Most strikeouts consecutively by a batter - Billy Weitzel - 9 (game 6)
Most balls hit foul in one at bat - Joe Fenton - 10 (game 35)
Quickest person out of the ASL - Igor - 1 game and 3 innings
Highest Winning Percent by a Pitcher - Joe Fenton - .625 (10-6)
Quickest Game - 1 Hour - game 30
Most runs in an inning - The Fentons (Joe and Rich) - 17 (game 21)
Hitting for the Homerun cycle - Mike Silvestri (game 15)
Back to Back to Back to Back - Joe Fenton and Tom Horath (game 17)
4 HRs in 4 consecutive At Bats - Joe Fenton (game 17 and 21)
Most ASL Records - Joe Fenton - 10, oops now its 11
Most Pitches w/out swinging - Mike Silvestri - 50 (game 18)
Double Play - Joe Fenton (game 19), Brian Haberman (game 30), Tom Horath (game 31) and Kevin Horath (game 44)
Letting go of the bat while swinging. - Rich Fenton (3 times, game 21)
Most RBI's in a game - Kevin Horath - 17 (game 42)
Most RBI's Ever - Rich Fenton - 147
Most consecutive games played - Brian Haberman - 46
Complete game shut outs - Tom Horath, Joe Fenton (2) and Kevin Horath
Most Errors In a Game - Jack Gershkovitz - 11 (game 25)
Consecutive games with a HR - Rich Fenton - 8 games(Game 21 - Game 28)
Best Game Winning Percentage - Rich Fenton - .782 (18-5)
Worst Game Winning Percentage - Mike Silvestri - .390 (13-20)

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Mike "MVP" Silvestri

Billy "HEEB" Weitzel
Mark "Big Boy" Kaulfman
Phil "The Scopic Enemy" Vysotski
Rich "Negro" Fenton
Kevin "Maverick Shorts-Swiss" Horath
Chris "Torpedo" Kennedy
Chris "Carvel Man" Eng
Jack Gershkovitz
Tom Horath

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